Women's gym elemental fitness gloves - guantes. Nike

18,00 €


During heavy workouts, keeping your hands protected is key and the Nike Women's Gym Elemental Fitness Gloves feature low-density foam padding in strategically placed areas of the palm, creating a comfortable barrier so your hands stay shielded during activity, allowing you to perform for longer.  A perforated palm and breathable sweat-wicking mesh come into play as your workout heats up, allowing air to circulate and disperse heat, while quick-wicking and drying properties move excess moisture away from the skin. This ensures the gloves and your hands stay cool, dry and fresh, maintaining an ideal temperature to keep you focused and free from distraction.  Finally, a wrist strap with a hook and loop fastening provides a secure and adjustable fit for optimal support, enhancing the stability of your wrist and reducing the risk of injury. Integrated tabs on the fingers allow for easy removal after a rigorous workout and an iconic swoosh logo on the back of the hand gives a classic look. Perfect for anyone looking to step up their gym training. 

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