White led ceiling lamp ceres with dimming function

£ 124.90


Ceres - an LED ceiling light that can be dimmed via the light switch The simple, white LED ceiling lamp Ceres can be used almost universally in any room and in any interior design style for the general lighting of a room. It not only provides bright warm white light, but can also be dimmed via the light switch with no need for an external dimmer due to the easydim function. Like any other light, the LED ceiling lamp Ceres is turned on and off using a light switch, and thus shines at maximum brightness. When it is turned on, the dimming process can be started by pressing the light switch twice. The light will now slowly be dimmed from 100 % to 10 %. When the desired light intensity has been achieved, press the light switch again twice, in order to select this level of brightness permanently until the light is turned off. Energy efficiency class:A+