Round easydim ceiling light neptun with leds



Easydim ceiling light Neptun with warm white LEDs and convenient dimming technology “Easydim” - this term implies that a light can be dimmed easily. In the case of the ceiling light Neptun, this means that the available wall switch is sufficient for regulating the light’s brightness. This is a kind of innovation where the time-consuming installation of a dimmer switch used to be unavoidable if you wanted to provide variation in the light output in home lighting. Those days are over, as you can now simply press the wall switch twice in quick succession to start the infinite dimming process when the light is turned on. If you want to interrupt it or set a level of brightness, all you have to do is press the switch twice in quick succession for a second time. If this is not done, the brightness will go down to ten per cent of the full light output. Energy efficiency class:A+