Pendulum vintage edition 1906 in gold. Osram



PenduLum light Vintage Edition 1906 in gold The PenduLum light evokes memories of the golden industrial age. When it is combined with the right light bulbs, the light provides a fantastic vintage touch and can be used very flexibly, thanks to the rise and fall system which is included. If you consider the design of the hanging light, it will remind you of past days. However, appearances are deceptive, as you will find high-quality workmanship from aluminium with an attractive fabric cable behind this look. The PenduLum light was created as a result of a long brand history, the industrial heritage of OSRAM and ultramodern lighting technology, and feels at home anywhere with its minimalistic industrial design. The name “Vintage Edition 1906” was inspired by the OSRAM brand registration which took place in 1906. Energy efficiency class:A++

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