Grey, shimmering apta pendant lamp, 15 cm. Swarovski



Swarovski crystals in the lampshade of the Apta pendant lamp Inspired by nature - this is how you could describe the appearance of Apta. The fine openings in the lampshade of the pendant lamp are like small branches and stems, decorated by crystal blossoms and leaves. A soft sparkle, created by the combination of light and crystal, spreads throughout the room and conjures up a dreamlike atmosphere. In 1895 the Bohemian entrepreneur Daniel Swarovski founded the Swarovski company, which is still family run. The Swarovski family can now look back on more than 100 years of crystal tradition. Today, Swarovski not only designs and manufactures jewellery and accessories, but also home furnishings (e.g., lamps and lights). Energy efficiency class:A++