Double spot led outdoor wall lamp noxlite smart. Osram



Double Spot Noxlite Smart LED outdoor wall light with pivoting spots The Double Spot Noxlite Smart LED outdoor wall light impresses with its practical benefits for outdoor use. It features two 7-watt LEDs set in pivotable diffusers. As they can be moved individually, the light can be adjusted to shine in specific spaces and a larger area can be illuminated as a result. Motion detector with timer: Movements are registered and activate the LED unit. At the same time, the high-frequency sensor ensures that the light is switched off if no movement is registered for three minutes. The Double Spot is not just a strong lighting solution; it has also been designed especially for use outdoors. The shell is dust- and splash-water-protected (IP code 55) and can withstand wind and weather. In addition, the Double Spot features a shell whose colour and shape have been designed to optimise the technical details: The diffusers are narrow but offer a large surface so that the widest possible area can be illuminated. The white aluminium lends the light a neutral appearance, which can be integrated into almost any style, is easy to look after and looks simple. Energy efficiency class:A+