Oblong led ceiling light ceres with easydim



LED ceiling light Ceres which can be dimmed via the light switch, rectangular Living rooms, bedrooms, halls, basements - the usage possibilities of this rectangular LED ceiling light Ceres in a simple design, which consists of an aluminium frame with a matt nickel finish and a satin-finished acrylic diffuser, are as varied as the light that it provides. As well as full lighting with bright, warm white light with a light output of 2,000 lumens (100 % brightness), the light produced by the LEDs can also be dimmed. And this can be done using any standard light switch without installing a dimmer, thanks to the easydim function. This works as follows: When the light is turned on, you can start the dimming process by pressing the light switch twice. The light will now slowly go down from 100 % to 10 %. During this period, you can choose the desired light output. When it has been achieved, it can be retained by pressing the light switch twice for a second time, and it will now remain constant until the light is next turned off or until you start the dimming process again. Energy efficiency class:A+