Mosaix - wall light in black with crystals. Swarovski



Crystal-studded Mosaix wall light by Swarovski The elegance of the Mosaix wall light is based on two things: On the one hand, the colour scheme in beautiful black always appears classic and elegant; on the other hand, the many small square-shaped crystals, which are embedded in the lampshade, exude a type of exclusivity and elegance that only crystals can provide. The crystals are particularly effective in combination with the light that passes through them and which they refract to provide the surroundings with a very charming light show. The fact that crystals are not limited to perfect jewellery pieces for the hand, neck and ears is demonstrated by this beautiful light from Swarovski, the company known for its glittering jewels. Swarovski crystals enjoy a long tradition. Daniel Swarovski founded the company in 1895 in the Tyrolean town of Wattens in order to test out a new technique for mechanical glass cutting. This resulted in the characteristic Swarovski crystals, which nowadays are not only used in the fashion and jewellery industries, but also in the production of lights. Energy efficiency class:A++