Melody recessed ceiling light with crystal

£ 177.90


Two asymmetric crystal elements acting as a diffuser: Melody recessed ceiling light by Swarovski The Melody recessed ceiling light embodies elegance and exclusivity better than any ordinary light of its type. Unlike a recessed ceiling light, Melody offers a lot of extras. For example, it has a lampshade, or rather a decorative piece, that transforms the emerging light into a sea of sparkling light on the ceiling and a beautiful shimmer in the room. The two Swarovski crystal elements are asymmetrically shaped and arranged. Small, colourful, shimmering crystals, which change the lighting effect and create a colourful glimmer, are located in the clear portion of the ceiling light. The Melody recessed ceiling light brings a special touch of exclusivity into living spaces, restaurants and hotels. Swarovski crystals are not limited to the jewellery and fashion industry; they have also been incorporated in lighting with fascinating results. So it is not surprising that the Swarovski crystal lights are so popular. Daniel Swarovski, the company’s founder, was a glass cutter by trade. At the end of the 19th century, he moved from Bohemia to the Tyrolean town of Wattens to found his company. Swarovski designed a special machine that allowed glass to be cut in such a way that artificial crystals could be formed. Energy efficiency class:A++