Max os fairway black. Cobra



Cobra Max OS Fairway - BlackImproving golfers are now able to realise greater accuracy thanks to this easy-to-hit fairway wood. If you are a high handicap or beginner golfer it’s possible that you have struggled to achieve your desired results – the Cobra Max Fairway Wood has been crafted to deliver considerable forgiveness and increased distance (while reducing slice) to put you back in control of your game.It’s much easier to square the head of this club at impact due to its offset. This comes with the added benefit of reducing, or possibly eliminating, slice from your game. Accuracy is improved thanks to the zone weighted head, and weight has been repositioned from the crown to a lower position to produce lower CG. This ultimately results in a larger sweet spot, straighter shots, and more accuracy – even on hits that are imperfect. The reduction of yards, coupled with Cobra’s Speed Channel feature, result in even further distances to your drive, as well as increased ball speed across the club face. This club is deliberately considerate of inconsistent or slow swings, compensating as needed to execute impressive shots. Additional Features         Choice of loft         Regular or stiff Matrix White Tie graphite shaft         Increased distance with decreased occurrences of slice         Cobra’s popular Speed Channel         Delivers straight and high ball flight