Led pendant lamp ceres dimmable by light switch. Brilliant



Ceres - LED pendant light with a good light output and easydim function Ceres is an LED pendant light which is a particularly modern light source and should ideally be used in a kitchen or dining area or for lighting up a workstation. The ultraflat, round plastic lampshade is surrounded by a metal ring which makes the light look particularly elegant. All you need to make use of the dimming function is a standard wall switch, and you do not have to accept any subsequent installations or similar. As usual, the light can be turned on and off via the wall switch and if you want to dim it, this works as follows: press the light twice in quick succession (within two seconds) when the light is turned on. This will start the infinite dimming process, which proceeds slowly until a dimming level of 10 % is achieved. If you repeat the rapid switching operation during the dimming process, the selected level of brightness will be saved. Energy efficiency class:A+