Led easydim ceiling light neptun

£ 114.90


Discreet LED ceiling light Neptun with easydim LED lighting technology Neptun has a white plastic diffuser and a very clearly visible metal frame with an iron finish. Thanks to its unobtrusive appearance, the light is very versatile in its use, especially if you value a reduced design and a modern interior. As well as its appearance, the functionality of the LED ceiling light should also be examined. The easydim LED light technology which makes it possible to dim a light solely using an existing light switch is a real innovation. You can adjust the brightness as follows: first of all, turn the light on and then, or at a later point, press the wall switch twice within two seconds. This starts a process, in which the level of brightness is slowly reduced. If you want to stop this because you have found your desired level of brightness, you should repeat the switching operation and the selected level of brightness will remain in force until you turn the LED ceiling light off again. Energy efficiency class:A+