Led ceiling lamp neptun dimmable via light switch

£ 126.90


Dimmable via the light switch – the rectangular LED ceiling lamp Neptun In bathrooms, private wellness areas or living areas, the LED ceiling lamp Neptun provides bright light or muted light for relaxing, as it can be dimmed using any standard light switch, without having to install a dimmer. The easydim function makes it possible. Like every light, Neptun is also turned on and off using the light switch. To start the dimming process, press the light switch twice in quick succession when the light is turned on. The brightness will now slowly reduce from 100 % to 10 %. When the desired light output has been achieved, you can retain it by pressing the switch twice, so that it remains constant until the light is turned off. The design of the rectangular LED ceiling lamp Neptun, which is made of chrome-plated aluminium and satin-finished plastic, means that it blends well into any environment. Energy efficiency class:A+