King f8 one length hybrid. Cobra



Cobra King F8 ONE Length Hybrid WoodsSmarter. Faster. More Forgiving. Baffler Technology made more consistent with our first ever ONE Length hybrid.COBRA CONNECTPowered by Arccos, is our first electronic enabled hybrid that allows users to track their performance and improve their game.ONE LENGTHTM DESIGN The Cobra King F8 ONE Length hybrid has been re-engineered to match 7-iron weighting, lie angles, and length to deliver more consistency trajectory and distance gapping to compliment our ONE Length irons.BAFFLER DUAL RAIL SYSTEMCOBRA’s Baffler Rail Technology provides improved versatility and forgiveness from any lie.HIGH STRENGTH 455 STAINLESS STEEL FACEThin, high-strength stainless steel maximizes face ex for increased ball speeds and distance across all points of the face.BACK CG POSITIONA fixed, interchangeable weight positioned low and back results in a high, towering ball flight for maximum carry distance and forgiveness.MULTI-DIRECTIONAL CROWN AER0Innovative Polymer Aero trips positioned around the perimeter of the clubhead improve drag reduction face-on through the downswing to generate maximum clubhead speed. vv