King f6 driver green. Cobra



Impressive distance and greater accuracy at your fingertipsThe new Cobra King F6 titanium driver puts improved distance and accuracy at your fingertips with Cobra’s CG technology. You set up the club to suit your swing using CG tuning and McFly technology and then improved performance is only a swing away.The dual weight system of the Cobra King F6 utilises centre of gravity technology to give you your ideal spin and launch conditions. Simply set the CG tuning to the front position for a penetrating ball flight with extra roll or to the back position for greater height off the tee. Whichever setting you choose you will always achieve more distance through the innovative Cobra Speed Channel. Here the perimeter of the club face increases ball speeds across the face as you strike adding crucial extra yards to your drive.McFly technology offers eight adjustable loft settings. These give you the ability to manage ball trajectory and to adapt your drive to suit the course you are playing. The new, forged 8-1-1 Titanium E9 club face has a structure which varies in thickness to create a lighter face with greater deflection and an impressive SweetZone™. The result is improved accuracy from this incredibly forgiving club. The F6 Driver promotes a confident swing that helps you to hit the fairway time after time.This club is available in both right handed and left handed models with a Matrix VLCT SP graphite shaft. Choose from regular(R) or stiff (S) flex. A matching headcover and torque wrench are included.CG Tuning to produce your perfect launch and spin conditions 8 adjustable loft settings via McFly technology 460cc head with Speed Channel increases ball speeds across the faceRedistributed weight for a bigger sweet spot Matrix VLCT SP Graphite shaft Forged 8-1-1 Titanium E9 club Face Headcover and torque wrench included