Kaisa ceiling light tasteful 24 carat

£ 991.90


24 carat gold-plated Kaisa ceiling light with loving details This ceiling light impresses not just with its look rich in details, but with its functionality and imagination: Depending on taste and the height of the room, Kaisa can be used as a hanging chandelier or a fixed candelabra-style chandelier! The countless decorations catch the eye of anyone who looks at it and the hand-sanded glass goblets (24% PBO) are similar in design to calyces and are reminiscent of the popular Florentine style. This light from the Kaisa range is unmistakeable thanks to its filigree crown-shaped die-cast part in an upmarket gold look which sit above each glass and potentially evoke an association with fairytale scenes. Quality, elegance, high-class manufacture and durability take centre stage in these lights. The designer's creativity is combined with Austrian craftsmanship to create products which are recognised around the world. This manufacturer's lights have been produced entirely in Austria since 1948 which means spare parts are available for many years to come. Energy efficiency class:D