I-fold 1-ply hand towels 190x250mm pack of 3600 blue, blue. 2work



Use these absorbent handtowels for drying your hands, clearing up spills or any other mess. The towels are interleaved so when fitted to any standard hand towel dispenser, only one towel is presented at a time, avoiding excess waste. Suitable for use in standard hand towel dispensers, these versatile towels can also be used for drying surfaces, cutlery and crockery. These hand towels are 100% recycled and provide great value for money. * I-fold paper hand towels * Highly absorbent 1 ply construction * Interleaved to reduce waste * 100% recycled * Suitable for use in standard hand towel dispensers * Sheet size: 190x250mm * 180 towels per sleeve, * Pack of 20 sleeves (total 3600 towels)