Hid-aspiravision compact ballast mw 35-70w. Philips



HID-AspiraVision Compact 35 - 70W /I CDM MultiWatt ballast - PHILIPS The MultiWatt ballast AspiraVision Compact is the new and innovative electronic ballast from Philips for CDM bulbs. Through the innovative switch function, which allows for the setting of the driver to three different bulb wattages, the highest degree of flexibility is achieved and this ballast can be used universally. Furthermore, through the intelligent soft start function more lamps can be operated than before on a circuit breaker. Features: - 3-level adjustable bulb output (35 / 50 / 75W) through sliding switch on device - Constant light even with mains voltage deviations through Smart Power - Max. 58 EVGs can be operated on one circuit breaker (B16A) - Long lifespan of up to 40,000 hours - Mains voltage (AC): 198-254V - Ignition voltage: 3kV (min), 5kV (max) - Switch current peak: 8A (max) - Power dissipation CDM: 5 - 7W - Non-flickering bulb operation, no humming noises - Simple installation and cabling through WAGO 804 clamp and integrated strain relief (separate for primary/secondary side) - Through-wiring possible

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