Hanging light mosaix with crystals. Swarovski



Mosaic pattern composed of crystals: hanging light Mosaix by Swarovski Clear, square crystals staggered with a few black crystals form the typical mosaic pattern of the lampshade of this hanging light. Mosaix is a model by Swarovski. Crystals have always exercised a special fascination on people and are a real feast for the eyes when combined with light, in particular. When the light is turned on, the numerous crystals start to sparkle and spread their fascinating play of light throughout the room. Daniel Swarovski, a Bohemian glass cutter, founded the crystal company Swarovski in 1895 in the town of Wattens in Tyrol, in order to develop a new mechanical glass cutting technology there. The result was the characteristic Swarovski crystals which are now used not only in the fashion and jewellery, but also for the ornamentation of lights. Energy efficiency class:A++

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