Glossy crystal hanging lamp ring 110 cm gold. Orion



Crystalhanging lamp Ring with 24 carat gold-plating - 110 cm in diameter Nobody should forgo a festive illumination, even in more contemporary designed surroundings. Hanging lamp Ring features a clearly structured form. The plain ring shape is optically mitigated by a 24 carat gold-plating, which in turn forms a radiant connection with the many Asfour crystals, which impressively sparkle in the blaze of 12 light bulbs and thus fascinate with their brilliance. A light source for a festive blaze that creates a furore in private homes and in hospitality and catering alike. The suspension height can be set between 30 cm and 170 cm during installation only. Light bulbs of up to 40 watts are required, which are not included but can be ordered separately as accessories. Energy efficiency class:A++