Functional led ceiling lamp hue being



Multifunctional Philips Hue LED ceiling lamp Being with practical dimmer switch The Philips Hue Being LED ceiling lamp delights beholders even when it is turned off, as it is a special highlight on the ceiling of a room due to its round, satin-finished plastic lampshade which is adorned by white rings all around. However, it is not only the design that is a special feature of this ceiling lamp, but also the fact that the light has the so-called "Zigbee standard". This means that the light can be integrated into an existing smart home system - the prerequisite for this is a Hue gateway - and controlled very conveniently by the free app, via a tablet or smartphone. The luminous colour, the brightness and a variety of lighting scenarios can be set as desired and saved. If you want to control the light without integration into a smart home system, you can do this using the wireless dimmer switch which is included with the light. It can either be placed above the light switch or simply laid on the table. Four light modes are already saved on the dimmer switch (Relaxation, Reading, Concentration, Energy), but your own light settings can also be saved. Energy efficiency class:A+