Dyna led spotlight three bulbs white



Swivelling Dyna LED ceiling or wall spotlight, three bulbs, white The turning brackets and the swivelling heads of the Dyna LED spotlight allow the illumination angle to be directed optimally. The LED light of this spotlight is therefore primarily suited to accent light. The spotlight is made of white plastic and is best combined with modern interior designs. The white-transparent brackets, which connect the spotlight heads to the ceiling bracket, stand out aesthetically from the other colours and set a playful accent. Dyna shines warm white light and provides a pleasant light effect in both private living rooms as well as in commercial areas. Depending on need and taste, the LED spotlight can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. The integrated LED bulbs have a service life of up to 15,000 hours and with Dyna, worries about maintaining or changing the light bulb become a thing of the past. Energy efficiency class:A+