Dimmable led recessed lights in a set of three

£ 38.90


White LED recessed lights Honor with a functional look and innovative easydim technology Honor fits into many rooms, simply because the light is usually the most important thing with recessed lights, and their appearance is not given too much attention. Therefore, they are generally kept simple and timeless. Each individual LED recessed light from this set of three can be dimmed without installing a dimmer or having to purchase other accessories. A standard wall switch is sufficient. It can be used both to turn the lights on and off and for dimming them. To start the dimming process, all you have to do is press the switch twice in quick succession when the lights are turned on. If you do nothing further, the brightness will slowly reduce to 10 %. However, you can also set an individually selected level of brightness by repeating the switching process a second time. Energy efficiency class:A+