Crystal led hanging lamp dionia by 155cm. Swarovski



Dimmable crystal hanging lamp Dionia with Swarovski crystals The slim linear pendant light from the well-known crystal company Swarovski provides not only high-quality, but also aesthetically attractive lighting for private and public or imposing premises. The LED profile, which is fitted with warm white LEDs, is set with large, square Swarovski crystals all around it which give the emitted light a particular brilliance and an extraordinary sparkle. The brightness of the light can be adjusted by a wall dimmer (not included), so that it can be tailored perfectly to your individual requirements. This allows it to be adapted to a variety of circumstances. The foundation of the crystal company Swarovski, which is now known throughout the world, took place in 1895 when Daniel Swarovski was able to find a suitable location for a glass-cutting factory in Tyrol. With his newly developed method of glass-cutting, the crystals were now cut mechanically. Today, the characteristic Swarovski crystals are used not only in the fashion and jewellery industry, but also in the manufacture of lights. Energy efficiency class:A+

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