Ceres - led ceiling lamp with easydim function

£ 89.90


Round LED ceiling light Ceres with wa hite metal frame - easy to dim via the wall switch Ceres’ simple appearance makes the LED ceiling light particularly versatile in its use. The light output of the energy-efficient LEDs is bright, and their light is even, which is not least due to the satin-finished plastic surface. It often proves very practical if you can dim a light because this makes it possible to do justice to different situations better. However, not every household has a specially installed dimmer switch; most only have standard wall switches. If you want to dim the light anyway, you can find a remedy with the LED ceiling light Ceres, as it has the integrated easydim technology. When the light is turned on, you can press the switch twice in quick succession, which will instantly start the dimming process. This process proceeds slowly and can be stopped by repeating the switching operation. Then the current level of brightness will be retained until the light is turned off again. Energy efficiency class:A+