Ceres led ceiling lamp, dimmable via light switch

£ 101.90


LED ceiling lamp Ceres which can be dimmed by the light switch, white, rectangular Versatile, flexible, simple and unobtrusive – these are all properties which characterise the completely white LED ceiling lamp Ceres. It is particularly worth mentioning that the installed LEDs can be dimmed without having to install a dimmer, as the light can be dimmed using any standard light switch. Like any other light, it is also turned on and off using the light switch. To initiate the dimming process, the light switch must be pressed twice in quick succession. The brightness of the LEDs will now slowly go down from 100 % to 10 %. During this dimming process, any level of brightness can be selected as the permanent light output by pressing the light switch twice for a second time. This level of brightness will be retained until the light is turned off or a new dimming process is started. Energy efficiency class:A+