Baffler xl hybrid woods. Cobra



Cobra Baffler XL Hybrid Woods MOST FORGIVING AND EASY-TO-HIT HYBRID IN COBRA’S40-YEAR HISTORY!COBRA’S R&D team designed the Baffler® XL Hybridwith the intent to make golf easier. Easy to hit it far, easy tohit it straight and, most importantly, easy to enjoy the game. Easydistance starts with the shallow, high strength steel face withmore flex for greater ball speed and longer shots. The shallow facedesign inspires confidence at address and promotes higher, longerball fight with less spin. For more distance and directionalcontrol on those off center shots, 20 grams of tungsten ispositioned around the perimeter to increase MOI in the clubhead formore speed and consistency across the face. And easy distance iscomplete with oversized rails for smooth turf interaction from anylie, making the Baffler® XL Hybrid the most forgiving andeasiest to hit Bafflers COBRA has ever created.OVERSIZED RAILSProvide smooth turf interaction through less surface drag on thesole and leading edge for consistently higher launch and longerdistance from all lies.HIGH MOI TUNGSTEN WEIGHTING20 grams of tungsten positioned low and back in the head to deliverhigh moI and forgiveness for more distance and consistency onoff-center hits.LOW CG AND SHALLOW FACE DESIGNHightrajectory with lower spin for easy distance from any lie.