Art deco frieda pendant lamp, 1-bulb. Orion



In the style of a bygone era: the pendant lamp Frieda The secret of the Frieda pendant lamp lies in Austria craftsmanship. This lamp has been made by hand with the finest materials. The metal body is made solely from solid brass, which guarantees longevity and a lifetime without rust. The look of the light is determined by the use of solid glass for the fine glass rods, which act as a lampshade: Only solid glass can create a ring of light around the light bulb when the light is switched on. The brass body has been hand-painted for a nuanced finish on the antique bronze paint. The decorations on the mount have been cut by laser. The fact that these lights are produced by hand in Austria guarantees long-lasting and high-quality products, which impress thanks to their design and high-quality materials. Energy efficiency class:A++