6-bulb easydim led ceiling light pluto

£ 159.90


Attractive easydim LED ceiling light Pluto with round lamp heads The round lamp heads of this LED ceiling light are very flat and arranged in an elegant manner. Together, they achieve a good level of brightness and thus contribute to the excellent illumination of a room. From a functional perspective, it is important to note that Pluto is equipped with easydim LED technology. This means that the warm white LEDs can be dimmed without additional accessories. The dimming process is set in motion solely via the wall switch. If you press it twice in quick succession (turning it off and on) when the light is turned on, the level of brightness will slowly reduce to as little as 10 % of the full light output. During this dimming process, you can set the desired level of brightness by pressing the switch twice within a short period of time (less than two seconds) again. Therefore, Pluto is perfect for home lighting. Energy efficiency class:A+