5-bulb frieda ceiling light made from solid brass

£ 1,129.90


Classic Frieda ceiling light in art deco style Five special lampshades have been fixed to the solid brass ceiling panel of the Frieda ceiling light. The appearance of these extraordinary lampshades, which project from the square profile, is shaped by the many fine glass rods, which come together to form a box-shaped lampshade. The rods are made from solid glass. As a result, when the light is switched on, these rods create a circle of light around the bulb. The metal components of the ceiling light are not only made of solid brass, which is rustproof and durable, they have also been hand-painted to create a nuanced antique bronze finish. The ornamentations have been cut into the brass by laser. And there is more: The fifth lampshade, which is located in the centre of the square ceiling panel, hangs a little lower into the room. This lampshade is suspended from a bronze ball chain. The Frieda ceiling light is a quality product from Austria, which boasts excellent craftsmanship and is made from the finest materials. Energy efficiency class:A++