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House season 6. Universal

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Part E.R. and part C.S.I., HOUSE is a medical mystery television show that's appealing due to its creative camerawork, interesting characters, and twisting plotlines. Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) is a brilliant medical professional, but often alienates his patients and co-workers because of his abrasive manner and bitterness. In each episode House is faced with a person exhibiting a number of unusual symptoms, and along with his team of dedicated doctors and nurses, must discover what strange illness is afflicting the patient...before it's too late! Disc Listing:1. Broken2. Epic Fail3. The Tyrant4. Instant Karma5. Brave Heart6. Known Unknowns7. Teamwork8. Ignorance Is Bliss9. Wilson10. The Down Low11. Remorse12. Moving the Chains13. 5 to 914. Private Lives15. Black Hole16. Lockdown17. Knight Fall18. Open and Shut19. The Choice20. Baggage21. Help Me

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