Dash 16cm sock (yellow) - calcetines

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Beyond the socks looking awesome we want these to be your new favourite socks, so we sweated the details, so you can just enjoy your ride. We’ve added mesh where your feet get hot, a little support where it gets sore, a robust heel and toe area so they don’t wear out too quickly. The inner footbed of the sock uses the polyester to wick moisture away from the skin to keep your feet feeling fresh. RAT!O Quality High quality polyamide knitted in a way that makes the sock perfect from Spring through to the end of Summer. We have two lengths for each design, so whether you’re a fan of a medium or tall sock we will have something for you. Made in an Italian factory with years of experience, using high quality handpicked yarns chosen to maximise performance, colour and lifespan. RAT!O Fun Ratio socks, putting the fun on your feet. Innovative designs, bold colours and fantastic yarns to ensure that the ride finishes as good as it started. Taking sock doping to new heights they are 100% UCI illegal.