Breaking 2 running sleeves - manguitos de sujeción. Nike

38,49 €


Back in 2017, Nike organised a private race in an attempt to break the two-hour marathon barrier. As worn by the selected athletes, you too can push yourself and work to new PBs in the Nike Breaking 2 Running Sleeves. Optimising comfort and fit, these runnings sleeves are built to shave seconds off your race, featuring an ergonomic left and right arm design, while the highly streamlined, seamless construction works to reduce both drag and distraction, so you can stay focused and push for your fastest time.  The lightweight, engineered mesh allows air to easily penetrate, circulating air and dispersing heat so you stay cool and your temperature regulated when you running picks up the pace. Alongside this, during cold-weather training, the additional coverage will work to keep you warm. The sleeves also feature reflective design details, enhancing your visibility and keeping you safe when exercising in poor lighting conditions. 

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